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WHAT IT TAKES To Make Trails Ready To Ride!

Now you know WHAT IT TAKES To Make Trails Ready To Ride! It is a progression of required steps - permission from property owners, prepping trails for groomers, prolonged sub-zero temperatures, frost in the ground, 8-10" of packed snow base and achieving trail ready criteria. When they are achieved, trails will show as yellow or green on the ITG.

Always check the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide (ITG) for the latest trail status before riding any OFSC trail and do not enter any OFSC trail showing RED. Riding on trails showing red is considered trespassing, may cause damage and is unsafe to ride.

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The Winner of the Ignace Otters Snowmobile Club 50/50 is Mike Vonburlow. Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets. It was a great day and a fun night at Clooch's.


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