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OFSC snowmobile trails

Please do not ride any vehicles besides snowmachines on any OFSC trail at any time during the winter riding season.

OFSC trails are for snowmobile use only in the winter months and any other vehicles can cause damage and expensive trail repairs that waste your permit dollars. You need a permit to access OFSC snowmobile trails.

Officers and the Game Wardens have issued fines under the Trespass to Property Act for driving the vehicle on an OFSC Trail before in Ontario. We would like to not see this happen.

Please respect the trails and the hard work that is going into them. We hope you have a safe and fun riding season. IOSC

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The Winner of the Ignace Otters Snowmobile Club 50/50 is Mike Vonburlow. Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets. It was a great day and a fun night at Clooch's.


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