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3rd Annual Francis Roy Memorial Ride to White otter Castle

3rd Annual Francis Roy Memorial Ride to White Otter Castle!

Winner of the quad is Tommy Creed!!!!

2nd place Shane Bourgeois $300.00 3rd Russell Paterson $200.00

Derby winners

1st place Jake Gilbart 2nd place Mike Saunders 3rd place Brian Lethbridge

50/50 Jeff Jenner

Door prize Ali Creed

Congratulations guys!!!!

We can't thank everyone enough for all you efforts this year. You really make a huge difference.

This year we are proud to be donation $800.00 from our 3rd Annual Francis Roy Memorial Ride to the Tbaytel Tamarac House in Thunder Bay. Along with Clooch's Tavern with a donation of $500.00. Thank you to all who bought the special that day and a huge Thank you to Clooch's for having such an easy going open place to have this event.

Thank you to our Sponsors, penny auction donations and all the volunteers, with out you this wouldn't be as awesome as it is!!

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The Winner of the Ignace Otters Snowmobile Club 50/50 is Mike Vonburlow. Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets. It was a great day and a fun night at Clooch's.


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